Top ten Questions that randomly pop in my head

Are you doing anything right now? If you're browsing Mastodon, stop. Time for a little writing exercise. Mind exercises are a lot of fun because you're not relying on any prompt or outside influence. You are going strictly with the quirkiness that lies within your own brain. If you're like me, your brain is a chaotic Twilight Zone of weird thoughts and ideas. If you haven't tried this writing exercise before, pay attention! You're gonna love this one.

If I could give the exercise a name, I'd call it a #MindList. This differs because each list we create relies heavily on the scenarios we answer with the power of our minds. These can be humorous, strange, serious, and even sad. The important thing to remember is the object of these mind lists is to be able to use the list in a piece you may be working on. It could be an article, a short story, or any other project. You could even use it to build a podcast episode.

So, what kind of mind lists can I make? Easy. Here are some examples. For me, I love sticking with a consistent number with these lists. Ten is my number, but it could be any number you wish. It helps me stay focused on my targets even when I'm writing projects of various lengths. Try to maintain lists of five or more items. Three may be enough for a short project, but ideally, you want as much material to work with as possible. Some of my favorite lists are:

  1. Ten things you should never confess to your preacher
  2. Ten responses to a job interviewee asking, “What makes you a good candidate for this job?”
  3. Ten suggestion titles for Tim Cook to use for the Apple Events.

Finally, we're going to do my favorite list! Today, we'll be working on ten questions that randomly pop in your head! Wait, you may be asking. I have to think? Yep, gotta keep those brain muscles strong! And now that the technical stuff is out of the way, let's talk about your powerful brain, and what it has to do with all this. :)

If you're going to do this list with me, then open up a blank document, or if you're still loyal to the physical pencil or pen, then grab your favorite writing instrument and a sheet of paper, find a quiet space, and close your eyes. When I say mind list, I really mean it. Focus entirely on making these lists. It's not exactly meditation. Think of it mainly as a practice in stream of consciousness writing. Silence your phone. log out of Facebook or Mastodon. Tell the boss you need a five minute break so you don't end up pulling out all your hair and leaving a huge mess for your buildings janitors to clean up. :) Finally, tell your inner critic to go take a cruze. Maybe it'll come back with a happier attitude, and you can focus on the random, fun, thoughtful, quirkiness that is your beautiful, unique self. :)

So, here I am, tired after working in the kitchen all day. I made breakfast and a batch of brownies. All is quiet here except for the background sounds of everyday life. I'm going to give myself a few minutes to lean back in my chair, and whatever question comes to mind, I'm going to write it down. That will be my #MindList, which I will share with you in this blog. Ok, turn off the lights, and get comfy! Here are the ten first random questions that pop in my head. I'll try to keep it PG rated, but I can't promise that after reading the list that your sanity will still be in tact. :) Anyway, enough blabbering. Let's get this show started!

  1. How many crows can successfully change the bulb on a street light?
  2. If I give a lion a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, will it be my friend forever?
  3. How does one go about returning Grandma's long overdue library book now that she's gone and the contents of her attic has been passed down to me?
  4. If Johnny walks to school and Tommy takes the bus, and they just so happen to arrive at school at the same time, was Johnny running too fast or was the driver passed out at the wheel?
  5. If a book has chapters, chapters have pages, pages have words, and words have letters, then what happens to all the unused letters left to float around in the universe? Do they all eventually get eaten by Pac-Man?
  6. Did Elvis like anchovies on his pizza, like ever?
  7. If everyone leaves Twitter except Trump, will he try to buy Musk out? Would he honestly be that stupid?
  8. What do pigs think of while having sex?
  9. If bears and lions roar, cats meow, birds chirp and dogs bark, does Elon Musk make the sound of a tesla motor when he snores?
  10. If 42 is the number that defines the meaning of life, what number can be used to repair the space time continuum?

Ok, so I've not had any coffee, and my brain is not fully functioning at the moment. I'm surprised I was able to come up with those very strange questions. I suppose I shall never live this list down. :)

Well, that's a wrap for me today. Do you have any mind lists you'd like to share? Did this inspire you to start making some of your own? Oh and one more thing. I love making similar lists when I need inspiration, but they are lists that rely on interactions with the environment. For example, Ten random things you hear in a coffee shop, or Ten items you spy someone removing from store shelves. Okay, maybe not that last one. I don't want to be responsible for people randomly checking others out, so I'll behave and exit stage left. Lots of love to each and every one of you. Take care. :)

Thank you for visiting. be safe and healthy. Warmest regards, Elena Waverly